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La Raiz’s full concert “Nos volveremos a ver” at Palacio Vistalegre (Madrid) is now available on YouTube

The concert took place on 28th October 2017 at Palacio Vistalegre de Madrid in front of 10.000 fans as the last show of “La Hoguera de los continentes Tour 2017”

After working for almost 12 years La Raíz will farewell from the stages for a while the 3rd of November in Madrid

With “La Hoguera de los continentes Tour 2017” La Raíz toured around the world: Germany, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Chile or México were some of the countries visited by the band.

La Raíz was formed in 2006 in Gandia (Valencia) by eleven musicians. The band explores music fusion and the result of it is an eclectic mixture of rock, ska, punk and reggae. Besides its characteristic music style, La Raíz is also known for its social and political compromise. The lyrics talk about topics like Spanish Civil War, the Spanish monarchy, political corruption and the plundering suffered in Latin America by western countries. The band has published five CDs and a concert DVD. The album “Así en el cielo como en la selva” (2003) took them to the main stages and music festivals around Spain being Spanish #1 music sensation. The following work “Entre poetas y presos” (2016) gave them the opportunity to cross national borders and fly over the Atlantic to visit Latin America. Nowadays the band finds itself in the farewell tour “Nos volveremos a ver” that will finish the 3rd of November. After that, La Raíz will pause for an indefinite period of time to have some rest.

On 28th October 2017 La Raíz offered a concert in Palacio Vistalegre de Madrid in font of 10.000 fans. This is one of those experiences a man will never forget. The event was the last show of “La Hoguera de los continentes Tour 2017” and the band filmed it in order to release a double CD+DVD called “Nos volveremos a ver” (We will see each other again). From the 3rd of April on La Raíz has been releasing daily videos from each song of the concert along with commentaries from members of the band. Now the full concert is available on the band’s YouTube channel so the fans can watch it over and over.

Thanks to “La Hoguera de los continentes Tour 2017” La Raíz visited many countries around Europe like Germany, Poland, Italy and Portugal. Furthermore, the band crossed the Atlantic to Latin America. More precisely, La Raíz was in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. But now the band will farewell from the stages for some time. On 14th December 2017 La Raíz published on its social network profiles that the band will take a break after 12 years of nonstop work. They announced their need to pause the workflow indefinitely without denying the possibilities to work again in this project in the future.

The farewell will last five dates: the 19th and 20th of October the band will be in Barcelona (Sant Jordi Club) and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November in Madrid (Vistalegre Black Box). In Vistalegre there are only tickets available for the 1st of November, since the rest of the days the band will offer a sold-out show. Besides that, La Raíz will join the main Spanish summer festivals so the rest of its fans will have the opportunity to meet their idols one last time until we see them again.

Entrades online

19th October 2018

20th October 2018
Sant Jordi Club · BARCELONA

1st November 2018

2nd November 2018
Vistalegre Black Box · MADRID

3rd November 2018
Vistalegre Black Box · MADRID

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